Re: Using RAPAS for first time - how do I know it is Polaris?


Are you planning on doing astrophotography?   If so , you could use a camera , and one of the programs that will provide guided polar alignment…  PemPro, SharpCap, Nina.

Then once you know the mount IS polar aligned, check the Rapas.  
If needed, you can use the push pull screws on the RAPM2 to precisely align the RAPAS for your mount.  

On Apr 8, 2022, at 10:24 AM, Shailesh Trivedi <shailesh.trivedi@...> wrote:

I am using the RAPAS for the first time to polar align my Mach2. I live in Bortle 6 skies (suburban Sacramento, CA). My question is that after moving the mount and tripod, I was finally able to get a very faint star in the reticle.  The faint star was so faint, that when I turned on the reticle light, I could not see it. How do I know it is Polaris?

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