Re: PEMPRO - Polar Align for mount with dual-axis absolute encoders #Polar_Alignment


Hi Aygen

you would leave the encoders on for polar alignment


On Wed, Apr 6, 2022 at 8:18 AM Erkaslan Aygen <aygen.erkaslan@...> wrote:
Hi Ray and astro-friends,

Tonight, I will be polar aligning my second scope (not an AP mount ;) by using PEMPRO.

Since the mount has dual-axis absolute encoders, would you recommend to turn off the dual-axis tracking while fine-tuning the polar alignment ? I read once that you better off to turn it off but I can't find anymore the source ;(

Sorry for the silly question and thank you once again for your super kind help.


 ual-axis absolute encoders


Brian Valente

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