Re: AP 1100 GTO CP4 - Pempro V3 #Polar_Alignment

Pete Tuson

Hi Aygen

While I can't help with PemPro, I can speak very highly of a free and open source polar alignment tool in N.I.N.A's Three Point Polar Alignment plugin. If you are struggling with PemPro you could give this a go. I get near perfect alignment from the boot of my car in about 3-4 minutes. Even if you just used the program for that it may be worth considering. They also have a plugin for AP mounts and solid support in their Discord channel.

Sorry to not answer your question directly.

On Sun, 3 Apr 2022 at 22:22, Erkaslan Aygen <aygen.erkaslan@...> wrote:
Dear astro-friends,

As I am typing this message (I am out, it's freezing here in Switzerland), I am trying to fine tune my polar alignement with PEMPRO V3. I need to say that I am just bluffed by the quality of the software. 

For my understanding, what shall I do exactly based on the below image ? As per the instructions I need to move the star to near to the end of the arrow ? I don't see "end of arrow" my azimuth is already well aligned ? 

Thank you, very very much for your kind help.

Clear skies,

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