A note on the video of the SGP and APCC settings for the meridian flip #APCC

Marcelo Figueroa

I was watching the video on the youtube channel about the settings to use in SGP and APCC regarding the meridian flip and I think there is a potential issue.
In the video a positive number is entered in Flip Offset Padding while the mount is in parking and that number is correctly sent to SGP. 
The problem, at least in my case, is that when the mount is actually tracking and approaching the meridian, there is a discrepancy between APCC and SGP. So APCC always reaches the meridian limit a couple of minutes before SGP and stops the mount, resulting in an aborted session in SGP. What I have to do is to enter a negative number in Flip Offset Padding, this way SGP reaches the meridian before APCC and can perform the flip without problems*.

*When you do this SGP will complain and set the minutes past the meridian to 0, simply click the Ok button and ignore the message.
Just to keep in mind,

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