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Howard Ritter

But it was pretty funny…a John Deere “field flattener" for $2 million, just the thing for bulldozing  your bottom land into a rugby pitch.

Love to know Ontario Telescope’s thinking here…


On Apr 2, 2022, at 11:07 AM, Leon Fasano via <lftscope@...> wrote:

I think your link is wrong for what you are trying to direct us to.  When I click on the link you provided, there is nothing related to AP on U tube, this site just sells field flatteners,etc.


On Friday, April 1, 2022, 08:54:37 PM CDT, Karen Christen <karen@...> wrote:

Hey Astronuts,


Many of you have let us know the way of the instructional future is in video.  So we’ve begun making some on a variety of topics.  Check out the Astro-Physics YouTube channel at   We’re steadily adding more, but you can find helpful, informative videos on these topics now:

  • Using PHD2 with your AP Non-Encoder Mount  (Encoder mount version coming soon!)
  • Using Sequence Generator Pro with your AP Mount
  • Installing and Absolute Encoder Kit on your AP 1100GTO or 1600GTO
  • APCC: Setting up Horizons
  • APCC: Setting up Connections

Let us know what you think and what topics may be most helpful for future videos.

Karen & the Astro-Folks


Karen Christen

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