Mach2 Ethernet #Mach2GTO

Bryan R.

Hello. I have a question on the Mach2 internal cabling, probably more-so directed at the folks as AP.  The specs state a USB 3.0 and DC power cable that are pre-installed.  My question is:  Is there any feasibility or future plan to also running an ethernet cable internally along with the USB and DC Power?  While I am sure the robustness of the GTOCP5 wifi is adequate, I personally have always opted to minimize connections that rely on wireless (Cat6 ethernet to every room in the home, etc).  I see that the GTOCP5 does have the ethernet port on it, and ideally it would be nice to connect a patch cable from the GTOCP5 ethernet port to this hypothetical ethernet jack that would run internal, and then another patch to a mini PC.  Again, may or may not be feasible or planned, but wanted to ask to see if there were previous discussions or potential future plans to do this.  Thanks.

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