New to Mach 1, some newbie help appreciated

Pete Tuson

Hello all

On a whim yesterday I placed an order for a Mach1 CP3 being sold in the UK. I was looking for a new mount to replace my iOptron CEM40, I'm very excited to step in to the world of precision mounts. I hope it is okay to ask questions here even though I have not purchased the mount new from AP?

There's a huge amount to take in - for example you can't use PPEC on iOptron mounts if you guide, so that's new to me.

So really if there are some good resources I could be pointed to so I don't ask stupid or often asked questions I would sincerely appreciate it!

If you will allow me to indulge in just one question -

PEC with PEMPro, guiding with PHD2, APPM Point Modelling...! How do these play together, what overlap is there, are any 'must haves'? I have to set up and take down my gear most nights and also take it to dark sites, so is pointing model worth it?

I'm primarily interested in improving tracking in both axis as much as us reasonable.

Thank you

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