APPM with Dome and offset Mach2GTO #APCC #Mach2GTO #ASCOM_V2_Driver

Dan R Price

I'll apologize in advance for my ignorance.  Hoping someone has had experience with APPM in a Dome with the telescope mount offset by several feet from the center.  In my case it is a 15 foot Pro Dome and a Mach2GTO.  In the center of the observatory is a 25" Alt/Az telescope, which is why the Mach2GTO has been placed 4 feet 9 inches directly true north of the observatory's center.  The walls of the observatory are 4 feet high, and very closely match the height of the Mach2GTO EAGLE6 Pier.  When I run The Sky Universal software with the offset info the dome shutter lines up with the Mach2GTO quite well no matter where I slew the mount, but when I attempt to run the APPM with the same offset info the shutter is often a few feet off.  So far, my only option has been to manually position the shutter during a small (10 points ) APPM run.  If I could position the Dome with The Sky Universal while running APPM then that would be one solution, but both APPM and The Sky Universal demand control of the AP V2 Driver and I haven't been able to puzzle out a workaround (is there one?).  I've tried selecting and configuring Device Hub Dome and Digital Dome Works with APPM but they just don't position the dome correctly (sometimes several feet of error).  The Sky Universal seems to work just fine, so I believe I know how to enter the offset correctly.  I've tried changing the time offset from GMT, the sign of the time offset from GMT, the sign of the Longitude, the sign of the N/S offset, the units of the offset, and the offset of the telescope (Takahashi FSQ-106edx III) from the intersection of the RA/Dec rotation axes, all without success.  I'm new at this, so will not be surprised if I've missed something obvious.  Thanks!  Clear Skies / Dan Price

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