Re: Ethernet connection to GTOCP4


Thanks all. I will fiddle, but for now have returned to a direct connection laptop to mount. After all, the change was meant to be for increased reliability, as I was using a WiFi network to remote desktop from my desk into two laptops driving two mounts outside with a router in the middle only using WiFi - so 3 computers connecting via WiFi. There were some stability issues staring to appear with that - so I was trying switching to both mounts' laptops (and the CP4) being wired to the router and then only one WiFi connection from the remote laptop to that router. But stability of the CP4 comms is way more important than the remote desktoping for easy viewing from the comfort of my desk, since that could actually affect the imaging! :-)

But I think the common factor here is the router - so maybe just time for a new one :-)

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