Re: Ethernet connection to GTOCP4


Thank you so much for the comprehensive reply, Mike.

In trying what you suggested and fiddling with a few other things, I found that it was an issue with the router (as you suggested in your first sentence! :-) ). Replacing it with another router, it all works fine.

I am not sure what was going on, but the IP address the magnifying glass found for the CP4 was not correct. I don't think DHCP was working for some reason (though it bizarrely did for the laptop!) and so I don't think the CP4 even got an address. What was adding extra confusion to the debugging was (and here's the stupid bit on my part!) doing it in the presence of a WiFi network to which the laptop auto-connected and with addresses in the same range!! Not a good recipe. The address the magnifying glass found I think was the laptop's WiFi network IP address. Don't know why APCC thinks that was a CP4 though!

Thanks again for your time and your reply. Your support is much appreciated.


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