Re: New versions of APCC Standard, Pro, and AP V2 ASCOM Driver to use as an Eltima alternative

Erkaslan Aygen

Hi again,

Please help me finding solution the my problem : after having upgraded both APCC and the driver, I am no longer able to connect to the AP driver through USB cable. I am experiencing something very very strange as shown in the below image. In short
  • In the driver setting, I am selecting Port COM7. 
  • However, when the driver is being connected, it has the Port COM 20 ! Whatever I try this is one is always coming and therefore I cannot use the driver ! 
  • In APCC, as may seen, I do not have issue to connect by selection Port COM7.
How can I get rid of this problem ? I have uninstalled both APCC and the Driver the problem remains. This is getting so frustrating..... 

It's like the system is keeping something in Memory the Port COM 20.


EDIT : After 1 hour of struggling, I managed to find the solution. I had to go to APCC advanced setting and deactivate the API, restart APCC, and then ENABLE it again in order for the Driver to update ! This is just insane. I still don't get it why the Driver kept behaving like this. Sorry for the "bulk mail".

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