Re: Ethernet connection to GTOCP4

Mike Hanson

The IP address isn't your only change, you've also placed a router between the PC and mount.  Since APCC can "Find" the mount, we know that the electrical connections are good, and that APCC can communicate with the mount.  When you click the magnifying glass, and you see the mount, suggest checking the "Use numerical IP address" until you can establish that hostnames can be resolved in your system.  Then click "Select" and make sure the IP address shows up in the "Hostname/IP Address" box. Also suggest leaving UDP selected since UDP is what is used to "Find" the mount.

If the router has a connector reserved for "Internet", do not use that connector for your PC or your mount.

Make sure the timeout in APCC is long enough.  Packet delays *SHOULD* be milliseconds, but assumptions are unhelpful when troubleshooting.  The "magnifying glass" waits a couple seconds for responses before publishing results.  What happens when you set the timeout to a couple seconds?

You can also use a DOS (cmd) window and try to "ping" the mount.  You can ping to the IP address, or you can ping to the hostname.  You can ping to the hostname a couple ways, with and without the ".local" domain.  Can you ping to it?  If so, IP address only?  Or, IP address and hostname?  You can check the assigned IP address of the PC (via "ipconfig" in a DOS window). Is the router assigning addresses properly?  Unique IP addresses, but on the same subnet (as indicated by the subnet mask)? 

The green LED on the GTOCP4 ethernet connector blinks when there is traffic on the line.  After the IP address has been assigned, and you attempt to "connect" from APCC do you see any blinking on this LED?

If you still have trouble, please contact me privately.  We can use Wireshark to see what is happening.

Mike Hanson

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