Ethernet connection to GTOCP4


I am having an issue with trying to change from using the default IP address for my GTOCP4 to a DHCP assigned one.

I have been connecting with the default one until now (direct connection from GTOCP4 to PC via ethernet cable) with PC side set to a static IP address on the same subnet. ie CP4 is and PC I set to All good. (Using UDP).

I have switched to connecting both to a router running DHCP. Switching on DHCP for the PC adapter, it and the GTOCP4 seem to pick up IP addresses successfully (192.168.0.xx) - the search (magnifying glass) in APCC finds the mount at (say). However, when I then try to connect to it in APCC with that address it does not respond (either via UDP or TCP). APCC indicates there is no response and also gives the error message (presumably a default when no response received) about the firmware needing to be at least V.  (The firmware is VCP4-P-01-11. APCC version is btw)

I'm obviously doing something stupid given the mount has been working fine over UDP and all I've done is change its address. :-)

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