Re: CP4 Field Control

Christopher M

Ah, so there is no "magic" to the mounts and APCC software.  This auto tracking modelling that people have referred to is then nothing but a combination of image aquisition camera and plate solving, with the mount being told where at least one star is, or knowing where it was parked, being able to slew to a differnt target, being at least reasonably polar aligned first, as well.  What sounds like a pain is getting all the software to work with each other.  Again note that I am still working with older mounts with either mechanical setting circles, or digital setting circles and manual slewing to a position.
The AP hand controller is not an inexpensive piece, being comparable to a good new smartphone or tablet which I already have.  So I was wondering how people said they were able to get away without using the hand controller.
Thank you

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