Re: CP4 Field Control


Here is my approach for my f/15 CFF 300 on the AP1100/CP4 mount. Note that I have difficulty in getting an APCC model built given the image scale and typical local seeing conditions, so I built a manual model using TSX instead. (For my Mach2 setup I use the APCC model and it works great.)

1. Startup APCC and initialize mount
2. Startup TSX and connect to mount
2. Startup Sky Safari Pro in my iPhone and connect to mount
3. Select target in TSX and slew
4. Check centering; use iPhone to shift mount until object is centered
5. Perform Sync into existing model on TSX.

In short, I use the iPhone has my hand controller. Seems to work fine. The CP4 easily manages the Ethernet connection to computer (with USB backup) and the WiFi connection to iPhone.

- Marty

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