Re: CP4 Field Control


Yes..   I’ve normally always used the AP hand controller even when imaging.   With APCC on the computer (connected to the CP3 or CP5 here (no CP4 yet)) I no longer connect the hand controller to the mount.    
I now do everything from APCC (when imaging).

I start out by unparking.  On the Mach 2 with encoders the mount knows where it is - no problem. 
On the CP3 1200 I unpark from a known position.  

Platesolve and sync (using SGP, with an imaging camera of course ) gets the the pointing position updated in the mount CP.  

I’ve not built models with the CP3 (1200) , but have done that many times with the Mach 2.  

And the end of the session I park the mount.  

If I’m doing visual … I just use the AP hand controller.  
Similar workflow tho.
- Unpark from a known park position.
- Then Goto an object — The AP hand controller has a database of objects 
- Do a “recal” at the beginning of the observing session to get the mount synced up. 
AFAIK there’s no need to build models for visual.  It’s more of an imaging thing. 

As for smartphone / tablet .. I just find it too limiting to use.. I have a “headless” computer at the mount (even in the field)… and use Remote Desktop from a laptop over wifi.  This allows me to take the laptop some distance from the mount — Eg into a warm room .. or in the Tesla with the heater running in “camp mode”. 


On Mar 18, 2022, at 6:29 AM, Christopher M <mirfak@...> wrote:

Hello.  Please excuse my ignorance on this, but how do people create pointing and tracking models with their AP mounts w CP3 or CP4 controllers, especially for field setups?  I have heard that one does not require the keypad as one can control a CP4 mount with their smartphone or tablet, or a CP3 with their computer.  I am used to classic mounts with simple E/W/N/S hand controllers (eg G11 Digital), and setting up manual or digital setting circles with a crosshair eyepiece in the telescope.  I expected one would have to do the same or similar even with the new mounts.  However I have heard a few references to people automatically creating pointing and/or tracking models w APCC (?) while they do other things, which sounds like they are not using the hand controller but something else.  Would someone kindly explain to me how this works or point me to where I can find the answer?  Thank you.  Christopher

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