Re: AP Berlebach or Eagle Tripod - Which should I get?

Howard Ritter

I have two Planets, a double-clamp model carrying my 155EDF on a 600E mount (a recent replacement for the 25-year-old original) and a single-clamp model that I scored on a special deal from a retailer. It carries a much lighter load, either an APM 100mm binoscope on an APM altaz fork or my Rainbow RST135 with a WO FLT91 or RASA 8. All the setups look gorgeous. 

I will now be making daily checks of all the clamps!


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I love my Berlebach Planet tripod with my Mach1.  However I’m not sure I would recommend one for everybody.  
I’m not familiar with the Eagle, but I can tell you that the Berlebach Planet is HEAVY!
Leveling is straight forward, nothing unique.
I believe AP is only selling and shipping these tripods with the double leg clamps now.  But if not, you absolutely want the double leg clamp option.  I’m speaking from experience.  Wood does expand and contract.  And after three days and nights of hot days and cool damp nights, one of my clamps loosened enough for a leg to slip – and the tripod with mount and scopes toppled over.  I was at a multi-day star party and a TeleVue representative across from me came over and said he’s had the exact same thing happen to him with TV’s wooden tripods.  So now every time he passes by one of his wooden tripods, he double checks each leg clamp.  I had AP order me the optional second clamps and have never had a leg slip since.
My main reason for having the wooden Berlebach tripod is looks and feel.  It’s a conversation piece for public outreach.  And I just really like the look and feel of wood.  I might add that I now have three Berlebach tripods, Planet, Uni, and Report.  And I use all three for public outreach – for various purposes.
If you intend to use the tripod in dirt or sand, then the wooden one is probably better as some metal devices (particularly those involving metal-to-metal sliding parts), might not do so well in dirt or sand.
If you are only concerned with function and efficiency – I’d probably go with one of the high-tech alternatives to wood.
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Hi Astro Buddies,
I'm needing a portable tripod for Mach1 for occasional venture beyond home observatory.
My main priority is ease of setup / leveling - No visual - AP use only. 
I probably won't use it much based on my 20 years mucking with this hobby. (-:
Both are outstanding products based on AP Quality.
But If price is not main factor, which would U suggest?
rgds & tnx,

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