Re: How do I get two computers connected to the GTOCP4 WiFi to talk to each other?

On Thu, Mar 10, 2022 at 09:42 PM, Nick Iversen wrote:
Looks like a separate router attached to either the ethernet port of the GTOCP4 or a WiFi bridge with Client Isolation turned off is the way to go.

What I and a lot of people do is put in a small travel router.  I put mine on a separate subnet from the house; it forms an access point and hands out IP's to anything connecting (e.g. my cell phone or laptop), it has a wired connection to the CP4, and a wired connection to the NUC that lives on the tripod.  If it's at home it meshes with my home network and routes to it, and then has internet capability.  If i'm at a dark site where it is the only thing, then my laptop and phone can talk to the NUC and if needed each other as well. 

It's worth noting that some years ago you could do all this with a mini comptuer / NUC, but Microsoft changed things around where the wifi in most of them cannot form an access point, it can only join a wifi network, not be one. 

Some level of networking expertise can be needed to make it do all those things at once, but the key is getting a device that is really intended as a networking switch/router/AP.   There are a lot that are 12V and low power requirements.  And having a wired connection to the CP4 and your local NUC or whatever is more reliable than wifi. 


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