Re: Battery for Mach2 in the field


I don't use it all the time

I use it to measure the total amps used during a night, and then i can size a battery

for example, i ran everything on my rig (camera, computer, mount, etc.) and found i used about 18 amp hours of power.

so I sized a battery around 25ah for cushion, and I know it will last the night. 

I also know if i add additional things (such as power hungry dew heaters) i will need to run with the meter to see what are the new results and if I need to upgrade battery capacity

this is how I use it. I'm sure others use it differently

On Thu, Mar 3, 2022 at 1:24 PM Shailesh Trivedi <shailesh.trivedi@...> wrote:

I am new to the concept of an inline battery meter. What do you do with the current  and power information? Is there a cut off function beyond a programmable function? 


Brian Valente

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