Re: Battery for Mach2 in the field

Terri Zittritsch

On Sun, Feb 27, 2022 at 05:52 PM, Shailesh Trivedi wrote:
I have looked far and wide in this forum. There is a lot of discussions about the Pegasus power boxes, but is there no recommendation for a battery for a Mach2GTO in the field under far away dark skies. I am considering a LiFePO4 12v. At the risk of CP5 resetting due to low voltage, I want to purchase a 100Ah battery so I can run the mount, camera and my laptop.
 I also have a heavy-duty inverter which I have used with lead-acid marine batteries in the past. Is that an option to AC power the Mach2 through the LiFePO4  and split DC using one of the Pegasus power boxes for the other accessories?
Is 100Ah overkill or will 50Ah suffice? Any thoughts or recommendations?

Shailesh, I use a 55ah mighty max lead acid battery and it works for imaging all night when at a star party, then I recharge during the day.     The mount doesn't use much power when not slewing.    Most of the power for  my setup is used by the camera cooler then dew heaters.       My laptop is also very power efficient and has an oversized battery.


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