Re: Looking for GPS Device Recommendations for APCC

Dale Ghent

Why would you need to query the GPS for location more than once?

For APCC, it's used once - to get a location and to make a new Site entry from. It's lot like your lat/long is going to change after getting your initial location :D

Once that's done, you can have NMEATime2 have the run of it to keep the clock in sync.

On Feb 17, 2022, at 12:20, ap@... <ap@...> wrote:

Unless I'm mistaken though you cannot use the GPS for time and for APCC as a com port at the same time, as it will only present one COM port and whatever software sets the time will tie it up (or vice versa for APCC).

Though for $12 each you could always use two.

Also note that depending on the physical arrangement, nearby computers or other EMI sources, shielding by metal of the mount from a sky view, etc. may prevent these from working in practice. Some people use a USB extension to separate them, or a USB device with an external antenna which you can move further away. You won't know until you try.

The best software I found for time sync was not free, it was NMEATime2. It tried hard to work around the USB limitations; precise time cannot be found on a USB device because of timing issues, it requires "1PPS" which is a hardware signal to more precisely synchronize the receipt of the text string with the time. This gets you really close though. Not that you need precise time for DSO and planetary, maybe for satellite chasing.

One problem with all this is coordinating lat/long changes with "sites" in both APCC and your favorite session manager software, which probably needs to be done semi-manually.


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