Re: Looking for GPS Device Recommendations for APCC

Dale Ghent

The $10-$15 white USB GNSS sticks based on the ublox chips seem to work well in my experience. They can operate in one of two modes - exposing themselves as a serial port that spews forth NMEA sentences at the prescribed 4800bps data rate or, with a driver, integrated as a sensor in Windows. For these purposes, you will want the former, which means the thing is basically plug and play.

APCC will fetch location from a locked GPS, but for time syncing purposes you will want an app such as NMEAtime2.

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I would like to get a Windows PC-connected GPS device that is accessible by APCC (both Standard and Pro). I have found some inexpensive choices on Amazon as well as more expensive options, but before ordering, I thought I'd ask here if there are some particular and well-proven recommendations that are well-suited for establishing time and location through APCC for my Mach1GTO and 1100GTO mounts as well as general Windows applications.


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