[NINA] Astro-Physics Tools 0.4

Dale Ghent

Hi all,

After a bit of a holiday break, followed by a definitely not-boring time at the day job, I was finally able to return to some coding and have a small (but perhaps big to some) update to my Astro-Physics Tools plugin for NINA 2.0.

The major change with version is in the way that the plugin's settings are saved. Instead of using the traditional Windows app settings method, which left you with settings that were the same no matter which NINA profile you were using, the plugin's settings are now saved in the active NINA profile itself. This will allow you to have settings that are specific to each profile you might have. This is useful in case you use multiple setups on your A-P mount(s) that are different enough that you might want some varying model creation settings or whatnot. Your existing settings are converted into the profile-based storage automatically.

Another change is that my original plugin, Utilities for Astro-Physics Mounts, is now considered unsupported and has been removed from the NINA plugin manager listing. Astro-Physics Tools is its replacement and will continue to be developed. U4APM was a good first cut that proved out the idea of a sequencer integrating with an external modeling app. With Ray's work bringing the API in 1.9 to fruition, U4APM is no longer needed and I'll see it off in a viking funeral.

I've updated the plugin's documentation, including adding some diagrams that I hope will further explain how declination arc are laid out. It may be found here: https://daleghent.com/astro-physics-tools

This release requires NINA 2.0 beta build 45. Full change log here: https://github.com/daleghent/nina-astro-physics-tools/blob/main/CHANGELOG.md


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