Re: Projecting APCC Meridian Limits on a plantetarium program

Dale Ghent

What you are looking for does not currently exist. In theory, a plugin for Stellarium could be made that reads a .pnt file and draws the necessary polygons in the sky, or adds an endpoint to Stellarium's API that APCC could emit the data into; but that's just a back-of-napkin hunch.

On Feb 14, 2022, at 17:54, Rick Darden <rick@...> wrote:

Hi All,

Sure would be nice to be able to show my custom meridian limits I created in APCC onto a planetarium program such as Stellarium or Carte Du Ciel. Is that possible or is there another way for me to see if a potential target is inside or outside a limit before I slew there? For example, if I select a target in the East, I want to know before I slew if it would slew with the mount on the West side/CW down or with the mount on the East side/CW up.

Is there anything that will give me this info?


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