Re: Copying APPM Pointing Model to new computer


Hi Larry

the model is default to save to this path:

There aren't any differences between versions of APCC regarding the model, afaik

when you load the model, you should make sure to slew to zenith and solve/recal to sync the model (zenith i think, or perhaps celestial equator/meridian. not sure that makes a difference)


On Sun, Feb 13, 2022 at 2:29 PM Larry Phillips <llp41astro@...> wrote:
Ray or others, I have asked this question before but do not remember.  Where do I find the current pointing model on a current computer and to where do I copy it on a new computer?  I copied what I thought was correct, but the error data do not agree.  This is going from version to  Do the two versions interpret the data differently?



Brian Valente

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