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Roland Christen

The keypad has a PE measuring method which will record one cycle and store it in the CP3 memory. You will need to have an autoguider running.
First start the mount tracking a star and turn on your autoguider. Choose a steady night so you get a nice clean guide graph. Now go to the keypad PE menu and start Record. Wait 7 - 8 minutes until the keypad beeps. You have now recorded a PE curve, it's that simple. You can play it back by turning on the PE in the keypad. Just be careful that you never turn on Record again, or you will simply overwrite the curve that you have stored.


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APCC doesn’t do PEM, so you’ll have to get PEMPro for creating a new curve in any case. As for instructions, I have not seen them online but you can always try asking for them. 

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Sorry about the goof on the last reply,

Thank you so much Dale, I don’t really need the CP4 so the chip seems to be the logical choice especially for $80. I would need to purchase APCC in order to do a new pec training. That would have to be the Pro version of APCC I believe. Short of buying PemPro outright anyway.
I know there is a procedure for using it but is there PDF somewhere that I could read to familiarize myself on the process?


Roland Christen

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