Re: AP1200 & SharpCap 4.0

Dale Ghent

APCC doesn’t do PEM, so you’ll have to get PEMPro for creating a new curve in any case. As for instructions, I have not seen them online but you can always try asking for them. 

On Feb 12, 2022, at 19:49, Dale Penkala <dalepenkala@...> wrote:

Sorry about the goof on the last reply,

Thank you so much Dale, I don’t really need the CP4 so the chip seems to be the logical choice especially for $80. I would need to purchase APCC in order to do a new pec training. That would have to be the Pro version of APCC I believe. Short of buying PemPro outright anyway.
I know there is a procedure for using it but is there PDF somewhere that I could read to familiarize myself on the process?


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