Re: New 400GTO Owner Question

Paul Wilson <plw@...>

Hi Gregg,

I've been using the setup you describe (A-P 400GTO + TV101) since
late March 2000 when my mount arrived. To add another data point
regarding orthogonality, I've had not a single problem to speak of
with my 400GTO.

I attach the clamshell ring of the 101 to the SB0800 (A-P sliding
bar), but Parallax rings and a flat plate would be another option, or
rings and the SB1000 sliding bar. I use the TV Bino Vue with my 101,
so I actually own the SB1000 too. It makes things easier when
balancing heavy loads, but won't stay attached and fit the cutout
area of the 101's case (unless you want to enlarge the cutout).

Now, speaking of A-P backorders, it would be really nice if the case
for the 400 mount head would ship soon ;-)


(a very happy 400GTO & DSV user)

--- In, "Gregg Carter" <gcarter@d...> wrote:
OK, after a couple of years of saving money, and almost that much
time on the notification/order list, my new 400GTO was delivered a
week ago.

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