Re: AP1100 GTO RA balance problems

Bob Enouen

Thanks Mike - very helpful!

FYI - My pier mounted 1600 non AE can image unguided for 180 seconds at 3250mm focal length using a 300 point APPM model. I’m also on the list for AE’s.

Take care, Bob

Robert J. Enouen
Cell 513-504-4410

On Feb 7, 2022, at 12:20 PM, M Hambrick <mhambrick563@...> wrote:

Hi Bob

I don't use NINA for imaging. Instead, I use MaxIm DL Pro. Currently I am running both cameras with the same laptop off of a single session of MaxIm. I used to run two separate sessions of MaxIm for each camera, but I was having a lot of problems with one or both cameras suddenly disconnecting from MaxIm, so the folks at Diffraction convinced me to run them both off of a single session instead. The downside to doing this is that the guide camera stops whenever the main imaging camera downloads an image. The download time for this camera (SBIG STXL16200) is 11 seconds.

My 1100 mount is a non-AE. I have been patiently waiting to get the call telling me that there are some absolute encoder sets available to order. Then maybe I can move away from having to run a guide camera altogether.



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