Re: AP1100 GTO RA balance problems

Bob Enouen

Hey Mike,

Quick question - When you dual image can you open another NINA for the slave on the same computer or do you use a second computer?

Thanks, Bob

Robert J. Enouen
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On Feb 7, 2022, at 9:29 AM, M Hambrick <mhambrick563@...> wrote:

Hi Vijay. 

I had a similar balancing issue as you. In the left photo below, you can see where the camera on the piggybacked guide scope was oriented with the connections facing towards the side. I was never able to get the system balanced with this arrangement until I reoriented the camera with the connections facing upwards (RH photo).


For whatever it's worth I recently switched from the piggyback arrangement you see in the photos to a side-by-side arrangement. Although you need more hardware, and the balancing procedure is more complicated, I actually found it easier to precisely balance my system in the side-by-side configuration. This is because the side-by-side dovetail plate (SBD13SS) that is required for a side-by-side arrangement allows one additional degree of freedom by changing the location of the side-by-side plate in the base dovetail saddle. With the piggyback arrangement, the only way to adjust the declination balance is to move the OTA back and forth. Otherwise, you have to relocate your attachments as you have done to try to center the weight.


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