Re: AP 900 Questions

Emilio J. Robau, P.E.

1.) The mount is pre SN 900 450.    I understand that from that SN on, there were modifications to the dec assembly that allowed the mount to more effectively guide while counterweight up.   I understand that AP enhanced prior to SN 900 450.  Is this enhancement still available?  Can the enhancement be done by the end user?  What was the issue with the mount in the first place?  I am perfectly happy to not guide with the counterweight up, but of course I want to further understand the issue and modify my expectations accordingly.

The enhancement requires additional machine work on the mount.  AP is no longer offering the service.   The enhancements can not be done by the end user.  The issue with pre SN 900 450 had to do with performance of SOME of the units with the counterweight up position as it related to the way DEC responded to the corrections.  This is all I know.  Reportedly not all pre 450 models had the issue.

2.) I received a hand controller that boots up with 4.19.3.  Is this the latest firmware release?  Can this hand controller be used on both of my mounts?  If so, I may keep it.  However, I really don't need it since I am strictly an imager and run everything from computers.  I may sell it to upgrade other items.

The hand controller firmware is the most current for the CP2 control boxes.  Later boxes support a more recent firmware.   I did not get an answer to working on both mounts, so I think the answer is yes with the proper adjustments to the input parameters before you use the hand controller.

3.) The unit has a CP2 control box on it.   I have a wanted add out for a CP3 box on Amart.  If anyone has an older CP3 box they want to sell let me know.  I may go for the CP4 which is what I have on my 1600.   The CP2 box has the E chip.  I thought that the latest hand controller would not run on the CP2 box.  Yet, mine seems to run.  Is that because the chip was updated to the latest and greatest for the CP2 box?

The hand controller will run off of the CP2 box with the E chip, which I think is the latest chip for that item.

4.) I want a fresh start so just as I have re-greased the unit, I want to go ahead and replace the clutch plugs as indicated in the Clutch Plug Replacement for 900 and 1200 mounts but can't seem to find parts M12300 or M12665-A (pending age of mount and set screw or no set screw) and can't fine M0100 that is all needed in order to replace the plugs.  Any advice on this?  Call AP?

Call AP, if they sold Moses a piece of equipment to take across the Red Sea, AP still has the parts for the equipment.

5) I am going to replace the dovetail knob for the dovetail with a plug so it won't tangle stuff.

Yepper.  Ordering that today.  This reminds me to do so.

6) I am going to replace the clutch knob in the strategic location so it won't tangle stuff.

Yepper.  Ordering that today.  This reminds me to do so.

More editorial content:  My new old mount is approximately 20 years old.  It looks like the day AP shipped it.  Last night I measured the PEC with Pempro and it came in at about 3.2 arc-sec with no management and with windy conditions.  This is so good that I am going to check everything again when the wind dies down.   I am working on replaying the curve to the mount.  First time without inversion, it seemed to get worse.  I fed it the inverted curve but had to go to sleep.  I will be testing it again.   

Amazing piece of equipment.  

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