Re: New 400GTO Owner Question

Larry Denmark <kldenmark@...>

... my new 400GTO was delivered a week ago...
I become concerned when I hear about alignment
problems... I want to believe that I am over reacting,
and that the mount is going to provide goto capabilities...
Will I be pleased or disappointed?

Only you will be able to answer that, but let me say this:

I've owned the AP 400 QMD and now have the AP 600E GTO. They have both
functioned perfectly as soon as they emerge from their bubble wrap cocoon.
Orthogonality issues with A-P mounts are rare events... not unheard of -
just quite uncommon. Otherwise, people would not drool for two years
waiting to get one. (And try to find a used one for sale.)

I'm sorry there are some folks who have had problems with their mounts, and
I do not for a moment make light of their plights nor do I challenge their
assessment of the cause of their problems. But keep in mind that "listening
in" on any of these lists carries the same sort of learning curve as using
your equipment. Not everything we say in this forum is true. It is not
that we lie, but sometimes we believe sincerely in things that just aren't
so. The more experience you gain on your own, the greater the value this
list becomes. So learn from it, but don't be frightened by what you read.

Have fun with your new mount...

Larry Denmark

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