Re: APPM Slew Warning then failure at the same spots every time

Eric Weiner


This issue was solved by Roland.  He provided some updated Mach2 settings to accommodate my heavy OTA.  I was really shocked by the improved performance.  But, I think I was using 3s settle times when I was experiencing the anomalies.  I went through several rounds of changing the APPM variables when I was troubleshooting.  Nothing helped.  After initializing the new settings from Roland I did several test maps with very aggressive settings (2x2 3s exposures, 1200x slew rate, 2s settle time) in order to stress test it.  No bad solves.  Then I did that 600+ point model that I mentioned in another thread.  I had 6 bad solves, 2 were due to clouds and the others were likely wind gusts.  For that map I toned it down to 2x2 3s exposures, 1000x slews, 3s settle time.


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