Re: StarAid

Eric Weiner


I own one, but have only used it with an RST-135E.  It works as advertised.  One of these days I'll try it on my Mach2.  Just be aware that StarAid is pretty much a one-man-show.  Hendrik, the owner/engineer is very slow to respond to support tickets or emails.  He is best reached through WhatsApp.  The only issue that I've had is that my unit came with the incorrect wifi password card.  That took a few days to get sorted out.  You can't modify the hard coded wifi password, and without it the StarAid is useless.  But Hendrik is quick to answer WhatsApp messages.  Just keep in mind he lives in the Netherlands.  Pay close attention to the guide scope requirements that he lists on his website.  He doesn't recommend anything with a focal length longer than 150mm.  I first used it with a QHY mini-guide-scope which is fl 130mm.  It worked fine once I figured out some back spacing issues.  Then, after a long wait, I finally got the Kowa LM100JC1MS 100mm I ordered from B&H.  This is the Hendrik's recommended lens optic. 


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