Re: StarAid

richard payne

Hi, I have a Staraid I bought from the inventor while at Tivoli in  Namibia a couple of years ago. It works great but.... you will have to manual dither . No issues except you use a phone and tablet to control it.
Richard Payne

On Jan 30, 2022, at 7:59 AM, Greg Salyer <astronutcase@...> wrote:

It does work with the AP900.

On Jan 30, 2022, at 9:56 AM, Don Price <don@...> wrote:

I came across this unit at a recent video presentation and was very intrigued. This is my single biggest challenge in using my really nice instrument (AP900/127mm refractor). They list a few AP mounts where the unit has been tested but the AP900 is not listed. So makes me wonder if the StarAid has been used with the AP900 and if it works. So, if you have experience with the StarAid on an AP900 it would be very nice to hear from you. This could be a really nice addition to my instrument collection and the single largest impact towards improving my observing time. 


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