Re: APPM Slew Warning then failure at the same spots every time

Eric Weiner


I’ve had this Mach2 since Dec 20 but have only now tried a full sky model since I’m not in an observatory. Ive had the TOA130NFB a bit longer. It used to sit on a Chinese mount until I found A-P. The affected points are all relatively low on the southern horizon where I never image. I’ve used a number of Dec arc models successfully over the past couple months without a single plate solve failure, but they’ve all been higher. I also use my gear for visuals and haven’t seen anything but stellar tracking performance with no guiding. No anomalies. It wasn’t until last night during a 522 point all sky APPM run that I saw this behavior. 22 points failed to solve, all 22 showed trails/oscillation. 2 others failed due to clouds near zenith. The remaining 498 show round stars. 20 of the 22 were on the west side of the pier with CW down (below the CW up plane but near horizontal). The OTA was pointing relatively low towards the southern horizon for all 22. I had a couple fail at Dec +5 on the west side, but most failed below Dec 0, also on the west side. 

I suppose I could improve my moment arm a little by keeping the dew shield retracted but it helps with the house lights I’m surrounded by. Why people feel that the need to illuminate their houses and yards all night is beyond me. I’ve got a flipflat on the OTA, but it weighs practically nothing. My setup isn’t anything really out of the ordinary. Like other TOAs, it’s a little forward heavy, but I’m anal with balancing and tend to use a hex wrench to get the clutches slightly tighter than hand tight when I’m imaging. 

I’m curious to see how your TOA150 with imaging train fares as well. Run a 500+ point model when you can and share the results please. 


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