APPM changing gain on ZWO ASI2600MM Pro #APCC #Mach2GTO

David Johnson

I've been using a ZWO ASI2600MM for some time with no issues except that I was noticing that the gain would mysteriously change from 100 to 0.  It was very frustrating, because I would often find that I was taking doing a sequence at a gain of 0 when I know I had previously set the camera gain to 100 and not changed it.   I finally figured out that APPM appears to be doing this.  I am using Sequence Generator Pro as my "camera" in APPM, with the ASI2600 as the camera in SGP, and I checked the gain in SGP before and after, and APPM did indeed change the gain.  I can't find any setting in APPM that concerns gain, but maybe I'm missing something.  I don't remember this happening with other ZWO cameras when using them through SGP in APPM.  Thanks.

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