Deep Freeze imaging tonight

Roland Christen

Hello Astronuts,

I have been imaging on and off for the last week or so in temperatures close to 0F. Tonight it is slated to drop down further to -12F (-25C). It's already at -18C, so this should be a great test to see what dies first - mount, laptop, or camera. Right now the Mach2 mount is happily slewing at 1800x with no muss, no muss.
The QSI 683 camera fan is sounding a bit strange, like it's being strangled. In the past the filter wheel froze up because the rubber O-ring shrunk and the motor shaft wasn't making contact any more.
The 10" Mak is waiting for photons to arrive, 'twill be interesting. Let cha all know how it went later tonight.


Roland Christen

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