Re: PrimaLuceLab EAGLE LE

Christopher M

One could estimate the specifications (size) needed of a computer at the telescope by testing with a PC or laptop, and seeing how hard it is working by going into Task Manager (CPU and memory usages).  From Aygen's results, it sounds like newer software and bigger cameras will need better computing specifications.  By the same token, a simpler setup will need less.  I get by with a second generation i5-2500 w 8GB running PHD2 with a QHY5III290 guider camera (USB3), and STT-8300 imaging camera (USB2).  As such I could probably get by fine with a plain Eagle 4.  Future-proofing is another matter, though.

Aygen, what are your (or anyone's) results with the Pegasus Astro Powerbox units?  I personally shied away from them as they use DC barrel connectors which I detest especially in the field.  They always seem to get dirty or oxidised, loose, and become intermittent after a while.

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