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Roland Christen

Our mount tech, Dave, her at the factory would be the person to talk to. He can help you set your gearbox so it runs smoothly. Just call the office and ask to speak to Dave about your mount, and they will patch you thru to Dave.


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I was not as fortunate.  My 1600 w/auto adjusting worm mesh, is about 5 years old and I am putting a new OTA on it.  So I figured while switching telescopes I would service the mount, including re-greasing the RA and DEC worm gear.  The greasing part went well, got the old grease off and the new grease went on without a hitch.  To do this I had to remove both the RA and DEC motors.  I got instructions on how to do this from AP which went perfectly.  And now the BUT.  Following the motor install instructions from AP to the T (several times) I put the motors back on and now the mount sounds like a machine shop cutting pipes.  As another user reported, this sounds like my iOptron CEM60 when you re-mesh the worm too tight and have to back it off a bit.  This happens so often with the CEM60 that iOptron provided a procedure on how to fix it.  I have not found such a procedure yet from AP.

I have attached an audio recording of what it sounds like.  The setup is the 1600 without any OTA and CW bar.  But it does have the DEC saddle on it and is in the Park 3 position.  I tested only the DEC motor since it is not balanced in RA but is perfectly balanced in DEC.  I ran the APJog utility from AP which connects to the V2 ASCOM driver and to the mount.  Once connected to the mount I unparked the scope from the last park position.  Move speed was set to 64x for the first test.  Pressing first the "N" button and then the "S" button you can hear the DEC motor as it moves (Test 1).  After the test I clicked the Park button (APJog) to park the scope at the current position.  Clearly the mesh is too tight, but without any instructions on what to do in this case I blindly tried lots of things.

For Test 2, I moved the worm engagement lever to half way so it was still engaged but could be disengaged by hand.  I loosened the attachment bolts (3 of them) and then pulled back on the motor to full disengage it.  With the motor manually disengaged I tightened the attachment bolts and then fully engaged the lever on the side.  The idea here was to try and back off the worm a bit and yet have the engagement lever in the fully engaged position.  I did a new recording at 64x move speed and you can hear the noise is pretty much gone.  I then changed the move speed to 200x (Test 3) and repeated the N and S moves.  As you can hear, the noise is really bad.  So in this state it moves correctly N and S at 64x but makes a horrible sound at 200x.  I am guessing it is some sort of resonance?

George has had me try several other things but so far nothing as worked.  Hopefully this week, between George and other users who have experienced this problem (from the Youtube videos and Forum postings), there will be a modified procedure for attaching the motor to the mount or a method to tweak the motor afterwards (similar to what iOptron did) to get the motors sounding smooth again and help others who run into the same problem.


Roland Christen

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