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Roland Christen

Don't adjust the encoder readheads. You probably have a bit of dirt on the encoder ring. Remove the end cap on the Dec axis to get access to the inside of the axis. Take a Kleenex and gently wipe the encoder ring all the way around. You can use alcohol on the kleenex to remove any dirt buildup. Once you have done that run the axis around and watch the light color.


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Last night I imaged, everything worked fine, the mount parked (2) about 3am, at 8am or so I woke up, did a slew-to-zenith to do my flats.  

Two errors popped up: Error reading from DEC encoder and No Response from DEC Encoder.

But it slewed, all good there, did my flats, and experimented a bit, going to various Park positions and then a find home.  Got the errors four more times (but everything still seemed to work). 

Disassembled, brought it inside (I do it every morning) and set up in the house, I did various parks and find-home, did not get more errors, but standing and staring at the mount I saw both DEC and RA encoders change color occasionally.  98% of the time they are bright blue, but at spots as they slew the RA became orange, but the DEC because red - only for about a second as it slewed (at 1200x).  Seemed to be about the same spot as I went back and forth, and both are solid blue until right at those spots. 

I know from a recent thread that RED is bad. :) 

Interestingly in testing this indoors, it did not give an error in APCC.  If I wasn't staring at the light I would not notice.  Inside I only ran APCC, not ASCOM or NINA, but I assume this is an APCC thing only so that should not matter. 

Indoors is warm, outdoors was awfully cold -- for S.Florida.  Maybe 38f.  So I don't think it was temperature per se.  But probably 10F colder than this mount has been in so far, here.   I actually put on a long sleeved shirt to disassemble (fortunately I still had one, thankfully it was not cold enough for real shoes or long pants, I have no idea where they are). 

However, outdoors was also heavily saturated with dew, if that matters.  But that is also typical, I doubt I have ever imaged here without hitting 100% RH by morning.  I dry things off with a towel, bring it inside and let a ceiling fan blow over everything to dry them out.  So nothing unusual there. 

I have not tried adjusting or taking anything apart, pending advice. 

Any advice?   Or is this the kind of thing i should be calling the office for, not posting?   (I'm still a bit vague on preferred support paths with AP). 


PS. New-ish 1100AE, got it late summer.  Outside it was carrying a very light Np101is, so probably 25# or so. Inside it was carrying nothing.

Roland Christen

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