Re: AP1100AE No response from DEC Encoder

Mike Hanson

Hi Linwood,

Your observations of the encoder LED color and the APCC warnings are likely related.  The encoders aren't doing much in the middle of a slew - your slew accuracy is not affected as long as the LED does not remain red after a slew.

Suggest moving the axis' through the relevant spots on the encoders at a much slower rate and observe the LED's.  In RA, track through the "orange spot".  In DEC, use the N-S buttons to "hover" over the "red spot".  If the encoders remain blue or green at tracking speeds and at rest, there will not be any adverse affects.  Otherwise we may need to investigate further, contact us privately.

Make sure you are using the latest version of APCC (are you?).  The latest version requires the condition to persist for multiple encoders readings before annunciating anything.  If the warnings continue to annoy you, contact us privately.

Mike Hanson

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