Re: PrimaLuceLab EAGLE LE

Steve Salvo


I have the Eagle 3 with The Celeron Chip but 8gb of RAM, an upgrade from 4gb. 

The computer has its own power supply. I run mostly NINA and PHD 2.  On occasion I run ASIstudio.  

I power the guide camera (ASI290mini), imaging camera (ASI294mcpro) and Senso Sesto Autofocuser using the Eagle 3.

No issues, everything runs fine with no dropped wifi!

Hope this helps,

On Jan 24, 2022, at 10:02, Ed Wiley <ewiley@...> wrote:

Hi Aygen: 

Can you elaborate on the whole system slowing down? I am juggling CPU upgrade against double the price. I do not contemplate capturing video for luck imaging or doing any processing on the Eagle. All calibration and post processing would be done on the home computer after downloading images.

Many thanks,

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