Re: PrimaLuceLab EAGLE LE

Erkaslan Aygen

Hi Ed,

Sorry for my late reply - been quite a busy day :)

Why have I decided not to install another Eagle ? Simply put, I am not really willing to invest in a computer which is a bit "outdated" (for instance, CPU). Rather, I got the last Ultimate Powerbox v2 from Pegasusastro along with a mini computer (equipped with 11th I5 CPU and with lots of RAM / SSD). Sure, you won't be using your Eagle to pre-process your data nor using Pixinsight or whatever processing softwares. However, if you have a full frame camera (ASI 6200) and use automation softwares which requires you to have somehow a "fast" computer, then you might experience some issues as I have been experiencing with my Eagle installed in my backyard observatory. Hence my strong recommendation (if you have similar setups as mine) to invest at least with an Eagle 4s (if you want to get such products). However, given the price,  you can get a much better computer along with a very cool piece of technology as the Pegasusastro's. 

Let me know if you need anything.

Best regards,

Le lun. 24 janv. 2022 à 16:02, Ed Wiley <ewiley@...> a écrit :
Hi Aygen: 

Can you elaborate on the whole system slowing down? I am juggling CPU upgrade against double the price. I do not contemplate capturing video for luck imaging or doing any processing on the Eagle. All calibration and post processing would be done on the home computer after downloading images.

Many thanks,

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