Re: PrimaLuceLab EAGLE LE

Erkaslan Aygen

Hi Ed,

I do have an Eagle 4 on top of my small refractor. Very cool piece of technology that really helps a lot for cables management. Some considerations:

  1. Cable : you need to buy them in addition to the Eagle. If I may, I would really invite you to get at least the Eagle 4s ! Even the 4s is a bit "outdated" considering the processor (8th generation, but okay). Mine is the Eagle 4 which comes with Intel Celeron. Even though I don't use it for pre-processing, it happens very often that the whole system slows down due to lack of memory and poor processor performances. 
  2. ASCOM : absolutely no issues with any Ascom related software. I have it installed in my backyard observatory that I am remotely controlling along with lots of ASCOM compatibles devices and it's doing the job (dragonfly, mount, camera, roof control, etc.).
As for your question pertaining to the mount, PrimaLuceLab does offer a dedicated cable for AP mounts. However, some would recommend to use another source of power for your mount (which I did too).

Last but not the least : I am currently setting up another remote observatory, but this time I went for a very good PC along with Pegasusastro ultimate powerbox V2 rather than the Eagle. 

In case of questions, please do not hesitate.


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