Re: APPM data meaning



Someone pointed out that the APCC help files have some descriptions on the meaning of certain APPM model variables (see below).
However it would be interesting to know what should be expected for a mount like AP1100 class.  For instance, Is an RMS of 8 sec with a range 20 sec a good result for such a mount  ?  

I believe that these questions would come to mind after someone performs a pointing model - so it would be appreciated if anyone can share their experience.  As well, It would also be valuable if anyone knows of any further explanations or documents on this topic.


In the upper left section is the Model Properties Group Box. These are are the most important model
 terms. You can check/uncheck them to see how well the model fits the data by looking at how the
 average and maximum errors (and graph points) change. Usually you will want all terms selected.
 NOTE: in the terms the Index Dec Error, Non-perp (Dec. OTA), and Flex Cantilever Axis usually have
 inverted signs between the axes. Also, the quality of the Polar alignment numbers can be judged by
 how well they match in each of the dual models. If they are close you can be confident that the
 numbers are modeled well (the Azimuth is most important).
 The last large section in the upper right, the table, simple shows the raw data points collected for the model. You can uncheck specific data points if they seem to be bad data points.

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