Re: AP1100AE needs exorcism (DEC turned all the way around like Linda Blair)

Ray Gralak

Hi Linwood,

The problem did have to do with the refraction option, but it was just the lack of initialization of the site's latitude, which is contained in the missing PNT file. If you unchecked the refraction option in APCC then the problem would go away.

In case you are interested, the actual problem was not the refraction calculation itself, but that APCC would pre-calculate the sine and cosine of latitude before using them so that it would not have to recalculate the same value all of the time. However, since the PNT file was missing, the latitude's sine and cosine values were never pre-calculated. The problem was that the cosine of latitude=0 is 1, but since it was never initialized, it remained at the default value of 0, causing large Alt/Az to HA/Dec computation errors.


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On Thu, Jan 20, 2022 at 09:28 AM, Tom Blahovici wrote:

...exactly why self driving cars will never work...

When users complained that the new GUI on Teslas was inconvenient, Musk famously responded "User Input
Equals Error".

So his theory is if the user just does nothing and lets the software do it all, everything works; all failures
originate from the human.

Which of course would have been true for my mount. :)


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