Re: AP1100AE needs exorcism (DEC turned all the way around like Linda Blair)

Sorry, Ray, when I say it was because of the model name, I meant it was because I renamed the model and the model name APCC was expecting was not present.

It's easily re-creatable for me.  Last night I was imaging with the model, and shut down normally.  To recreate this morning, before starting APCC I renamed the model to a new name.

For simplicity I started just APCC, no ASCOM, no NINA.  It auto-connected and and the model "loaded" all zeros (first two screen shots) 

I hand-keyed in the goto pane the uncorrected coordinates from the log you have (2d1m7.10s, 85d12m39.2s) and hit Goto.

It took off counterclockwise again (I think I said clockwise somewhere, sorry).   I stopped it after about 100 degrees or so, you can see in the 3D where I stopped it.  Notice also the custom rate; at this point if I go to the tracking correction status it shows -18000.00 sec/hour.  The log shows the corrected slew of +511*15:55.2 again.

At that point (having stopped the slew, but nothing else, no restart) I went to Model, loaded the (now) proper name, and immediately the numbers all changed to something sensible.  Without changing it I hit the goto button again and it properly slewed back to where it should be.

It really seems like it is just as simple as removing a model from where APCC expects it to be when it starts up causes this, no special situation that I can see. I must be the only one that likes meaningful names.  :) 

Obviously I won't be doing that any more.  

Thanks for looking at it. 


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