Re: MGBox V2, GPS tab in APCC Pro can't get working

nx6a <danrprice@...>

I contacted Martin and he was kind enough to send me the older application (2.2.2) and MGBox_ASCOM driver (1.6).  With these installed the error went away!  Yea!  I then reinstalled the new application (2.3.0) and MGBox_ASCOM_Server ( and the error returned.  I then kept the new application (2.3.0) and reinstalled the MGBox_ASCOM driver (1.6) and the error again went away.  I'll be sticking with application (2.3.0) and MGBox_ASCOM driver (1.6) for now.  Also, with MGBox_ASCOM driver (1.6) ASCOM.MGBox.ObservingConditions appeared as one of the selectable drivers, just as Ray observed it should.  Martin said there was no need to roll back the firmware to 1.0 from 1.1 since the bug fix in 1.1 only contains a bug fix which has no influence on the ASCOM-Driver or the windows application.

Another note - in order to install the ASTROMI.CH software I had to disable Auto-Protect in Norton 360 during the installation.  Norton and Microsoft griped during the entire installation process.  Once installed, I enabled Norton 360 Auto-Protect without issues.

Clear Skies,

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