Re: MGBox V2, GPS tab in APCC Pro can't get working

Ray Gralak

> and Select Driver - ASCOM.MGBOX_Server.ObservingConditions a


You may have something misconfigured in the MGBox software because that is not the expected name for the MGBox Observing conditions driver. It should be "ASCOM.MGBox.ObservingConditions". You may have to email the MGBoxV2 vendor for the answer.


APCC’s GPS connection has been using  "ASCOM.MGBox.ObservingConditions" for a long time.





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> Hoping someone has had experience with the MGBox V2 and APCC Pro.  I've installed the drivers and utility.

> Running MGBox V2.3.0 displays all data correctly, including GPS Lat, Long, and elevation.  So far, so good.

> In APCC if I go to Settings, Environmental Settings with Source - ASCOM ObservingConditions and Select

> Driver - ASCOM.MGBOX_Server.ObservingConditions and select Test all of the values displayed agree with

> the MGBox V2.3.0 display.  Again, so far, so good.


> Now for the part that I'm having trouble with.  In APCC if I now go to GPS I see COM Port set to MGBox V2,

> Baud set to 4800.  If I select Connect I get the error "Cannot create ActiveX component".  I've tried many

> variations and all have failed.  Is there someone out there with MGBox V2 that the GPS tab in APCC Pro is

> working for that can tell me where I've gone wrong?  Thanks!

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